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DPT 6 MAY DOO-Skopje

Phone: +389 2 311 1751
Fax: +389 2 311 2751
Address: Hristo Tatarcev 69, 1000 Skopje,
North Macedonia


In addition to experience and tradition, the company is also characterized by modern management principles. While spreading ideas of quality management and transferring its know-how to the partners, 6 MAJ, Skopje helped creating a stable and productive market environment in the paper and printing industry.

Printing house and graphic studio

„Kiro dandaro“, Bitola
„Evropa 92“, Kocani
„Graficki Centar“, Skopje
„Makpromet AD“, Stip
„Fustelarko Borec“, Bitola
„Propoint“, Skopje
„Skenpoint“, Skopje
„Datapons“, Skopje
„Siti Print“, Skopje
„Sofija“, Bogdanci
„Arkus Design“, Skopje
„Bomat Graphics“, Skopje
„Poliesterdej“, Skopje
„Longurov“, Stip
„NAM Press“, Skopje
„Kosta Abras“, Ohrid
„Daskal Kamce“, Kavadarci
„11 Oktomvri“, Prilep
„Girma“, Bitola
„Artpaper“, Albania
„Hatzopoulos S.A.“, Thessaloniki