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ДПТ 6 МАЈ ДОО-Скопје

Адреса:Коле Неделковски 41 1000 Скопје, Македонија


ECS (Nottingham) Ltd, a global manufacturer and distributor for high quality Waterbased and UV Coatings, certificated Pressroom chemicals, Fountain solutions and sundry products.

Since its inception in 1991 ECS have provided its customers with a comprehensive and versatile range of products, together with a service commitment designed to accommodate client needs.

Product range:

Heatset Web Products
Waterbased Emulsion Coatings

UV Curable Varnishes

Pressroom Chemistry

Plate Care Solutions

Fountain/dampening Solutions

Speciality Products

Roller & Blanket Wash

Waterbased Coatings


W100 Super Matt Emulsion. Formulated to replicate the smooth matt finish found with matt lamination.

More about : W100


W400 High Speed DS Gloss Emulsion. High speed gloss for non absorbent substrates.

More about : W400


W440 DS Gloss Emulsion. General purpose work and turn gloss.

More about : W440


W502 Super High Gloss Single Sided Emulsion. Formulated to provide the highest possible gloss for use within packaging requirements.

More about : W502

UV Varnish


U301 High Gloss UV Varnish. High Gloss high performance UV varnish.

More about : U301

Plate Care


C200 - Everyday. A general purpose plate cleaner suitable for everyday use. It provides good levels of solvency and is suitable for both positive and negative plates. Ideal for cleaning freshly removed plates.

More about : C200


C201 - Power. A heavy duty solution which contains mild abrasives. It is perfect for removing dried ink, reviving stored plates and is suitable for use on some CTP plates.

More about : C201

Pressroom Chemistry


C802 Fast UV. A powerful, FOGRA approved UV wash suitable for use with EPDM rollers and blankets. Suitable for automatic and manual applications.

More about : C802