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ДПТ 6 МАЈ ДОО-Скопје

Адреса:Коле Неделковски 41 1000 Скопје, Македонија


OVIT has been specializing in manufacturing equipment for the printing and engraving industry, such as vacuum printing frames for printed circuits and photoengraving. In 1974 OVIT entered the graphic market and since then its range of products has been widening with equipment for the colour control at 5000°K, light tables, offset-plate processors and plate exposure frames.

OVIT also produces:

  • CTP plate processors for both thermal and photopolymer technology,
  • cleaning-gumming unit for chemistry free (thermal or violet) plates,
  • inlet and outlet corner conveyors,
  • ovens for heat treatment (manual and automatic),
  • stackers,
  • water filtering in the prepress and fountain solution filtering in the printing room,
  • chemistry economizer,
  • reverse osmosis systems, etc.

Plate Treatment

Plate Processors


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Quality Control