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ДПТ 6 МАЈ ДОО-Скопје

Адреса:Коле Неделковски 41 1000 Скопје, Македонија

Brigl & Bergmeister

B&B Labels & Flexpack is a specialised manufacturer of packaging papers.

Brigl & Bergmeister, situated in the heart of Europe, in Niklasdorf/Styria, employs 232 people. Papirnica Vevče is situated in the greater Ljubljana area of Slovenia and employs 271 people. B&B owns 100% of Papirnica Vevče.

Brigl & Bergmeister as well al Papirnica Vevče are owned by ROXCEL Handelsges.m.b.H. in Vienna.

Label Paper

Label Paper with IQ

If you only see a label as something that provides information, you are missing a lot. Labels have their own contribution to make and can boost the success of a product – if you use the right paper with outstanding printing and finishing, for the right product.

Here you find B&B product range:

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Flexible Packaging Paper

Flexible packaging papers

Brigl & Bergmeister’s flexible packaging papers are distinguished above all by their very good feeding properties for printing and further processing. Products for a variety of applications!

Graphic Paper

Graphic papers

Brigl & Bergmeister’s graphic papers are available in 2-side coated versions.

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