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Kodak helps customers adapt, transform and grow their businesses. Through a comprehensive product and solutions portfolio that integrates revolutionary technologies, smart automation and specialized services, Kodak supplies customers operating in traditional, hybrid and digital graphic environments the broadest choice of software, production products and services for creating and managing high value variable output efficiently and cost effectively.

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KODAK plates provide the benefits of thermal—stability and precise dots on press—to a wide spectrum of printers. The versatility of the plates makes them suitable for use in a diverse range of printing environments, providing outstanding quality.

Dependable press stability, with rapid rollup to color and excellent ink/water balance on press, increasing efficiency and minimising waste. Precise, repeatable dot and process for maximum consistency and color reproduction. Wide exposure and processing latitude, providing optimum performance for enhanced productivity, consistency and reliability.

Versatile to suit a diverse range of printing environments, including web publication, commercial sheetfed, and packaging.

KODAK Plate Chemistry is optimized to process our portfolio of digital and conventional plates. The trusted supplier of processing developers, KODAK Plate Chemistry features exceptional consistency, productivity, and unsurpassed quality. Backed by Kodak's expert service and support, our chemistry solutions can help you save time, money, and valuable resources.

Kodak Clasic Plates

Clasic Print Positive Plates

KODAK Classic Print Positive Plates combine outstanding chemical resistance with excellent reproduction, delivering consistently high quality results.

Clasic Flexographic Plates

KODAK FLEXCEL SR Flexographic Plates are optimized uniquely for exposure with KODAK PREMIER PR7M Recording Film to provide high resolution and uniformity for ganged images on a single sheet of film.

Available in three durometers for a wide variety of applications.

KODAK FLEXCEL SRH Flexographic Plates are premium, high-durometer plates developed specifically for the most challenging jobs that have fine halftone line screen reproduction and solid printing requirements.

KODAK FLEXCEL SRM Flexographic Plates are premium, mid-range durometer plates, designed for fine halftone line screen reproduction and solid printing requirements, specifically developed to print on the widest variety of substrates, from tissue to flexible film.

KODAK FLEXCEL SRC Flexographic Plates offer superior performance and mounting properties, making them ideal plates for halftone reproduction on coarse board.

Kodak CtP Plates

Electra XD

ELECTRA XD Plates deliver outstanding performance both in prepress and in the pressroom where they are rated for up to 500,000 impressions unbaked. The novel and patented plate technology of the ELECTRA XD Plate supports high resolution imaging to deliver consistent, high quality printing.

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Sword Excel

KODAK SWORD EXCEL Thermal Plates require no preheating or postbaking.  They are packed with cutting-edge features that will help you deliver excellent print quality with superb reliability, repeatability, convenience, and speed.

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Thermal Direct

KODAK THERMAL DIRECT Non Process Plates deliver the resolution and imaging accuracy of thermal, digital plates without processing. THERMAL DIRECT Plates eliminate the installation, management or maintenance of the traditional wet-chemical plate processing system. This eliminates cost, as well as a source of variability--the processor--and thus improves the overall stability of the digital platemaking process.

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