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Offset Plates

Kemolit PCP

KEMOLIT® PCP is a sophisticated plate with a special surface coating which provides better adhesion between film and the plate in the vacuum copying frame. Since the effect of under-copying is reduced to the minimum, the plate can also be used in printing large raster areas. The plate is used in offset print for medium and long print runs. It is also suitable for proof printing presses. In extreme printing conditions we recommend thermal treatment of the printing form. 

Technical Data Sheet: Kemolit PCP (pdf)

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Kemolit THE

KEMOLIT THE is a positive thermal digital/CTP offset printing plate sensitive to 830 nm light wave length. Kemolit THE is successfully used in all types of CTP exposure units (platesetters) for the preparation of printing form on positive thermal plates.

Technical Data Sheet: Kemolit THE (pdf)

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