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Flint Group

Flint Group has long been dedicated to serving the global printing, converting and colourant industries.

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6 Maj has been awarded the status of Flint Group Certified Dealer.

Inks for Sheetfed


K+E Novavit F918 Supreme Bio
Made with naturally replenishable vegetable oils, this environmentally friendly ink sets new standards for quality and speed. Ideal for high-end publication and commercial printing. This eco-friendly ink earned NAPIM's bio-renewable certification rating of 70, and its vehicle systems are based on 100% naturally renewable raw materials.

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K+E Novastar F1 DRIVE
The all-round series for top-quality straight-line printing.

Novastar 776 DEEP SPACE
Black fast bluetoned, extremely deep.

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The series for foil and other non-absorbent substrate. Strong oxidative drying.

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Novaflash Metallic one-component metallic inks feature an excellent metallic
effect combined with very good printability.

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Bases and Spot Colours for Sheetfed

Novavit Easy Mix BIO PANTONE

The PANTONE Mixing System is an International colour communication system that is in widespread use in publication and packaging printing. It facilitates the selection, viewing, specification and communication of spot colours.

Novavit Easy Mix BIO
Novavit Easy Mix BIO is a modern mixing system consisting of 13 basic colours together with black and transparent white, complemented by 5 fast colours and two highly pigmented shades, for use on single-run printing jobs. This series is designed to allow optimum colour matching using the PANTONE Colour Formula Guide, as well as create any spot colour of your choice with the extra option of improved colour-fastness. The Novavit Easy Mix BIO PANTONE bases are ideally suited for use in colour mixing operations.

Oil Based Varnishes for Sheetfed

Novacoat 4050

Novacoat 4050 high gloss varnish
Very high gloss on wet on wet and wet on dry application.

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Novacoat 194 207

Novacoat 194 207 matt varnish
Very good matt effect on wet on wet and wet on dry applications.

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