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VARN Int./DAY/Flint Group

Flint Group's comprehensive portfolio includes Varn washes and fountain solutions.


Sheetfed Fount

Varn Supreme
General purpose sheetfed fount for use with 5 to 12% IPA. Versatile and economical, a complete product that prints sharper and will give clean, quick startups
with a definite reduction in ink consumption.

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News Print Fount

Varn Journal Fount S
Universal, low cost fount concentrate for spray and brush dampening systems. News Print use.

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Sheetfed Washes

Varn V60 Plus  Aromatic free, corrosion inhibited, low odour water miscible roller and blanket wash. Fogra Approved, Conventional, Large Offset, Medium Offset

Varn VWM Wash  Powerful water miscible roller and blanket wash. Contains aromatics. Conventional, Large Offset, Medium Offset

Varn Small Press Wash  Non water miscible, extra fast drying speed with high ink solvency to give quick, deep-down, clean wash-ups without damage to rubber blankets. Conventional, Small Offset

Varn Ecolo Wash 100 Ultra low VOC. Suitable for use in automatic cleaning systems and hand washing blankets. This product has a high flashpoint and can be used for heatset web, sheetfed, and coldest web applications.

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UV Wash

Varn UV Wash Specially formulated for UV inks. Low swell on EPDM and nitrile PVC compounds. Do not use with oil based inks. Fogra Approved, UV, Large Offset, Medium Offset

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News Print & Sheetfed Cleaners

Varn Calcium Deglazer Liquid acidic deglazer for removing calcium only from rollers and blankets. Must be rinsed off with water.

Varn Complete Plate cleaner, desensitiser and storage gum, for short and long term protection.

Varn Fountclean Concentrated alkaline non foaming, fount systems cleaner to remove impurities, bacterial/fungal growth from recirculating systems.

Varn Plate Plus Heavy duty plate cleaner with abrasives. Care must be taken on unbaked plates.



Varn Aqua Conditioner Rehardening agent for RO water.

Varn Ink Readi Protective film to avoid ink skinning on rollers, in fountains and in ink cans.

Varn Defoamer Antifoam to be added to dampening tanks to boost defoaming performance.

Varn Roller Lube Mineral oil based lubricant for printing units not being utilised. Must be reapplied every six hours. Not suitable for EPDM rubber compounds.

Varn Wash Up Bottle Handy, safe and clean to use, Varn Wash Up Bottles provide effective storage and dispensing of most liquids. Not suitable for long term use with aggressive solvents.

Varn pH Sticks Litmus papers for when pH values more than make a difference.

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