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ДПТ 6 МАЈ ДОО-Скопје

Адреса:Коле Неделковски 41 1000 Скопје, Македонија


PAVAN product range:
- Ink Duct Foils for Heidelberg “CPC”
- Wash-up Blades for any printing press
- Rubber Suckers
- Cylinder Jackets
- Recirculation Filters
- Feeder Belts
- Creasing Matrix
- Replacement Parts for Heidelberg
- Anti-Marking Net and Film for Transfer Cylinders
- Underpacking Paper and Film
- Compressible Printing Blankets
- Coating Plates and Blankets
- Bars for Printing Blankets
- Automatic Washing Blankets
- Dampening Covers
- Cutting Sticks
- Feeder Wheels
- Drill Bits for Paper
- Sheet Separators and Feeder Brushes
- Sundries
- Cleaning Accessories

Printing Consumables


Pavan Printing Consumables are available from the stock or by order.

More about : Consumables